September was an exciting month for recovery.

The Recovery Street Film Festival focuses on filmmakers who have a lived experience of recovering from drug or alcohol addiction, whether it is themselves or a loved one.

And the finalists and winners of this years’ competition were announced in London.

In honour of the occasion, in a somewhat belated stylee (we were slumbering), we wanted to show you the finalists and winners videos in all their splendour.

So, what are you waiting for?

Read on, watch loud and enjoy.

The theme for 2019 was “My Recovery Connections”

This years’ brief was to create a film about the individuals, people and communities that have supported the creators. In short, how did these connections help them on their recovery journey?

We want to demonstrate through the medium of film the diverse issues that are faced by people overcoming addiction and how those around them can be affected.



You can watch all ten shortlisted films here:

RSFF_2019_ Shortlist

And the overall winner was… The Beast Inside Me.

Junaid Khan has struggled with addiction nearly all his adult life.

This short film explores his journey to recovery, featuring a short poem written and performed by Junaid and following a day in his life.

Written and performed by Junaid Khan
Directed by Suhail Patel
Camera, Suhail and Bilal Khan
Sound recorded by Hira
Thanks to Nadia Patel

What’s the RSFF anyway?

The aim of the RSFF is to empower people affected by addiction by giving them a voice, providing a platform for them to tell their own stories of the ‘ups and downs’ and how they reached recovery. The organisers want the films to highlight the problems that are confronted when someone is attempting to regain their place in society: to gain new friends, to revive links with family, secure a home and get a job.

We want the films to show a different side to the story of addiction: one that shows a true picture of the determination, commitment and courage that is required to start life afresh.


We all know addiction & recovery can be an uphill struggle and one that is not without its pitfalls and disappointments. The organisers really want the films to explore all the challenges that we face.

Whatever stage you’re at now might be the right time to look back and consider who inspired you so that you can help inspire others too.


Want to enter next year?
Can’t make a film? Think again.

You don’t have to be Steven Spielberg to make a film.

If you’ve got an idea and a smartphone you’re all set. Take a look at this short video for some help on getting started.

You might have missed the entry date for this year, but hey, never mind, there’s always 2020!! One year at a time, right??

You can find out all about the RSFF 2019 by visiting their site.

To find out who runs it, who supports and so on, head on over to their partners page.