Recovery Advent Calendar

In a groundbreaking collaboration, a consortium of international towns and cities have joined forces to create an Inclusive Recovery Advent Calendar for 2023.

This collective effort aims to inspire people and reduce the stigma associated with recovery from alcohol and drug use.

Each day, a new window will be opened to reveal personal stories of triumph, recovery journeys, and the invaluable support that has played a pivotal role in helping individuals people overcome addiction. By sharing these heartfelt accounts, the participating cities aim to promote inclusivity, understanding, and compassion for those in recovery, and to inspire and sustain motivation and commitment to recovery.

Follow along every day throughout on social media on the hashtag #RecoveryAdvent2023 or log back on here to see them as they are added every day in December 2023.

1 December 2023 Leeds
2 December 2023 Sheffield
3 December 2023 Middlesborough
4 December 2023 Ghent
5 December 2023 Essex
6 December 2023 Limerick
7 December 2023 Cardiff
8 December 2023 Sarajevo
9 December 2023 Dublin
10 December 2023 Leeds
11 December 2023 Sheffield
12 December 2023 Middlesbrough
13 December 2023 Ghent
14 December 2023 Essex
15 December 2023 Cardiff
16 December 2023 Sheffield
17 December 2023 Ghent
18 December 2023 Cardiff
19 December 2023 Leeds
20 December 2023 Cork
21 December 2023 Sheffield
22 December 2023 Blackpool
23 December 2023 Middlesborough
24 December 2023 York

To learn more about the participating cities’ efforts to achieve Inclusive Recovery City status, please visit

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