Reach for the stars they said,
Always try to aim higher,
But they never said it would burn,
Those fuckers are on fire,
There’s a light at the end,
Even if the tunnel is long,
So I ran for that light,
It was a fucking A-Bomb,
It very nearly killed me,
I’m Lucky to be alive,
But knowing my luck I’ll be the only one who survived
Fucking typical,
Lady Luck, Always waiting,
To fuck my shit up,
But when the dust settled You were there,
You were so beautiful I could only stand and stare,
Everything I dreamed of,
My saving grace,
You held me so tightly,
You kissed the bruise on my face,
I fell to my knees,
I looked in to your eyes,
I saw straight away,
You were gentle and wise,
You could help me get thru this,
You could show me the way,
You could protect me and teach me,
Take my fears away,
And I could love you I could take your pain,
I could heal you and guide you,
Because we are the same,
Your hands are burned too,
We have the same scars,
We kept aiming higher,
We both wanted the stars,
They’re up there for a reason,
So let’s leave them alone,
I’m tired and dirty and and I want to go home,
So we set off together,
Burnt hand in burnt hand,
To seek our joint fortune,
In this now barren land,
Our destiny is out there,
Our path yet to find,
But the light was so bright,
Now the blind lead the blind,
We climb through the debris and mountains of rubble,
A false sense of security,
In our own little bubble I follow you,
You follow me,
I know what you know,
You see what I see,
Walking for days now,
Neither one of use knowing,
Where this is leading,
Unsure where we’re going,
I never questioned the way,
Why would I care?
It just felt ok,
Because you were there,
I trust you completely,
With my life and my soul,
It wasn’t your fault,
Neither one of us saw the hole,
The hole in our vision,
The hole in the land,
The hole we walked in to,
The hole in our plan,
We fell down together Naive, unaware,
So blinded by each other,
We didn’t even care,
Now we can’t get any deeper,
Into this hole,
No light at the end here,
No stars we can hold,
But somehow it feels safer,
Not to try to improve,
Less change of failure,
And nothing to lose,
And you’re going nowhere,
So now nor am I,
Safe in our hole,
To grow old and die.