The online recovery community is diverse and growing. Take us, for example! But a quick search throws up the catchily named, visually bold Rok Soba. A sober duo based in That London who are riding the crest of the recovery wave, rocking the recovery mantra, creating recovery merch and, erm, climbing mountains… like you do.

We had a natter with Lee & Shaun, the guys behind the beards, and the brand. Read on…

So, what’s behind the Rok Soba Brand name?

It’s simple really, the brand name evolved from the words Rock and Sober, but with an intention to eliminate the obvious and provide a unique alternative for someone who is contemplating sobriety, already sober or simply wanting to wear a garment that rocks in style and promotes the benefits of a teetotal lifestyle.

You have everything to FEAR!

The Rok Sobra mantra is Face Everything And Rise – Born from the acronym F.E.A.R. There are two options… Forget Everything And Run, or, Rok Soba’s choice, to Face Everything And Rise. You can make your own mind up, but we prefer their version!

What is the thinking behind the Rok Soba Design?

The images on the Rok Soba website, and even more evidently on their Merch are striking, to say the least. You might think it’s all about Moths & Metal… and you might be right. The guys are happy to explain that Moths represent darkness, light and transformation…

Allow the moth to draw you to the light, just as moths are drawn to the light and let it be your guide out of the darkness. Moths undergo an intense metamorphosis and the moth is there to help guide you through your time of transformation, perhaps outgrowing your old self to make way for the new, allowing you to spread your wings and take to the sky.

The Death’s Head Hawk Moth, from which the design is based, can be seen as a representation of your old way of life coming to an end and a new beginning on the horizon. It turns out, to some Native American tribes moths were thought to be sacred and powerful creatures, which is why other symbolic tribal items have been included in the design.

Arrows can only be shot by pulling them backwards, so act as a reminder when life is pulling you back with difficulties that you will eventually be launched into something better. The Native American feathers have been used to represent freedom, power, wisdom, trust, honour and respect, and were awarded as a symbol of strength to those who had reached a personal accomplishment or achieved something great for the tribe.

The wings of an angel symbolise protection, affection and harmony, and can empower and inspire us to overcome anything that life may bring. They also remind us that we are never really alone and can call upon an angel during times of stress, loneliness, confusion, illness or fear.

We’ll have to sit down and rationalise our own logo properly, because at the moment the Rok Soba guys are well, rockin’ it!! Watch this space!

Rok Soba are off to Everest? WTF? Why?

Yep, you read that right. In March 2019, when most of us will be simply leaving the EU, Lee & Shaun plan to undertake a 13 day Everest Base Camp trek. This is no mean feat, however, nor was getting sober, and this is, they say, the point:

We were fortunate to receive support from family and loved ones, which helped pull us through. However, we appreciate that not everybody has such a supportive network and we are keen to make a difference by raising funds for Rok Soba’s chosen charity, The Prince’s Trust.

You’ve probably heard of The Prince’s Trust. They firmly believe that every young person should have the chance to embrace exciting opportunities, so, they help 11 to 30 year-olds who are unemployed or struggling at school to transform their lives. Many of the young people they help are in, or leaving care, facing issues such as homelessness or mental health issues, or have been in trouble with the law, often as a result of alcohol or drug addiction.

Their free programmes give young people the practical and financial support they need to stabilise their lives and help them develop key skills while boosting their confidence and motivation so they can continue to dream big.

But that’s not all. The guys are also donating funds to Club Soda, with whom they have been members since their sobriety.

As a mindful drinking movement, Club Soda want to create a world where nobody has to feel out of place if they are not drinking alcohol, whether it’s someone who wants to cut down, stop for a bit, or quit alcohol for good.

In addition to offering all the tools and techniques people need to change their drinking, there is an incredibly supportive online community, too. Club Soda has in excess of 15,000 members worldwide and is free to join.

So, how much money are they looking to raise?

£50,000!? Their fundraising target of £50,000 may seem ambitious, but with others’ generosity and Rok Soba’s determination to reach Everest Base Camp, this sum of money will make a real difference to so many lives. Should their target sum be achieved, an incredible £46,660 will be donated evenly between The Prince’s Trust and Club Soda after expenses. That’s £23,330 each…even more if their target is exceeded!

What does all this support mean to the guys?

Peoples’ support means the world to us and every single penny will encourage us to succeed even more with this ultimate challenge. It will not only be a huge achievement for us but will show people around the world that there is so much hope and a bright, promising future after addiction.

If you’d like to donate, and support the guys, you can over at their GoFundMe page, where full details of donations and rewards are published.

We’re blown away by what these two guys have done – and are doing – they are an inspiration to all of us in recovery from addiction. And we wish them well in their expedition.

… Aint no mountain high enough, guys, remember that! We’ll be rooting for you both!