Here at R3C0VRY.WRX, we’re always on the hunt for people who share our views on alcohol and who we think you might like too.

The amazing ladies at We Are in Good Co, Lucy and Sara, create cards particularly for those who are sober or just not into alcohol.

Lucy is British, Sara is a New Yorker, and they decided to fuse their backgrounds in media and advertising to do something they felt passionate about… lo and behold, We Are in Good Co was born.

Lucy (left) & Sara © We Are In Good Co.

We were lucky enough to catch up with them about their amazing project and found out a lot more about what they do and why.

It all started when Lucy was supporting someone who had given up drinking. They were coming up to their 100 days sober mark, and she wanted to get them a card to celebrate. She trawled through shops and websites but couldn’t find anything that had the message she wanted.

© We Are In Good Co.

Lucy said: “The positive ones were really heavy and sombre, I was very underwhelmed. He had given up drinking, not his sense of humour. The local gift shop had nothing about being sober, but lots that promoted excessive drinking. It showed there was a real blind-spot in the market. I got really cross, went home and designed my own card.

After that, Lucy met up with Sara and they decided to do something about it.

Since setting up their business, they have met many people who are grateful for what they do, and have found that it really makes people question their relationship with alcohol.

Sara said: “I spoke to a woman who said that there just is no alternative. Drinking is seen as the accepted way when it shouldn’t be. There’s nothing on the high street promoting a life without alcohol, quite the opposite in fact, and we really wanted to challenge that.

© We Are In Good Co.

Lucy and Sara talk a lot about the message behind their brand on their website, and they say: “We see you, we get it, we want to make a difference; we want to make space for sober. We want companies, brands, products and services to acknowledge the choice to be sober and have grown up alcohol free alternatives.

They also say that they want to “support, encourage and celebrate” the decision to be sober and let sober people know that they can still be good company.

We love the fact that they’re not afraid to speak out and challenge the societal norms and the idea that there is something wrong with not drinking. It’s empowering, encouraging, and means that sober people get some really awesome cards!


Why not visit WeAreInGoodCo. and help spread the sober word? Or check out their Instagram feed and show them some love!