We are all escapees from the slavery of addiction,
Lager, wines and spirits our previous predilection.
Forgive us when our words stray into evangelism;
We only want to see you freed, from the bondage of that prison.

We meet online and in real life, to share our thoughts and knowledge;
Studying higher qualifications, in sobriety college.
In time we lose the shame we felt about our previous ways,
And revel in the creativity which starts to fill our days

We are sober warriors, our first battle to survive,
But as the campaign continues, we begin to grow and thrive.
Friends and loved ones notice, their trust starts to increase,
We respond to life’s hardships with serenity and peace.

There’ll come a time when someone says, “Do you ever miss the drink?”
And when they do we’ll answer, without a pause to think –
Miss the hangovers and blackouts, wondering what we did and said;
Feeling just like death warmed up, entire days in bed?

Wondering how we got that bruise, where our phones and money are;
Who’s that snoring next to you, where did you leave the car?
Now we wake up bright-eyed, fresh as the proverbial daisy,
And you ask if we miss alcohol; are you absolutely crazy???


Jem Stuart