Two friends sitting in the fog with backs to the camera


After a short break and some changes in staff, Recovery Wrx is back with a short and powerful piece by Dana W.

In ‘Confessions of a Recovering Addict’, Dana explores the subjects of fear, regrets and the friendships lost along the road to recovery. Dana’s honest words may not always be comforting, but they will surely resonate with the unease that many of us are experiencing in 2020.

Thanks Dana. Stay safe.

Confessions of a Recovering Addict

by Dana W

One day at a time they tell us

Time heals all wounds they say

Fake it till you make it, everything will be okay

But no one tells you about how that pink cloud you were coasting on evaporates

Or about how once it’s gone you’re left to free fall hoping you can not only land on two feet but that you’ll be able to stand on your own.

What about the heart ache when you finally let someone in and they go back out?

Or the emptiness you’re left with when they never return.

We pour life hearts and souls into these people for nothing but a promise

Well in case you forgot I’m the queen of empty promises.

We always hear about the sleepless nights, and how painful detoxing was

But no one ever tells you how

In the blink of an eye all the good memories could turn into haunting nightmares of the friend you once had

Or how one wrong move could alter your future, or worse someone else’s.

It’s like walking on a tight rope, where the only possible future you can see clearly is what happens when you fall

So you have to choose continue forward or turn back to where you have come.

Sobriety is one of the scariest, most gut wrenching, exhilarating, frustrating, eye opening experiences anyone will ever encounter.

And for those of us who go through life everyday struggling to win the fight between mind and soul

You are the true heroes, you are a fighter. It takes true strength to walk through each day with your head held high even though you never know if you’re going to make it through the next hour.

Photograph by KaLisa Veer