Mooching around 5Ways yesterday it was a pleasure to meet The Dislexic Poet, aka Chaz Hudson, who was scribbling away upstairs as part of the Spoken Word group.

Chaz is a dyslexic poet and writer, she writes to evoke people’s emotions and wants people to connect and have empathy for the world and people around them! She told me she wants her poetry to make people feel less alone in what ever they have been through or are going through. She says:

“I want to shine a light on subjects and situations that aren’t talked about enough, to shine a light on people that feel misunderstood and invisable.”

Chaz kindly left me this poem to feature on the blog! You can see her in action on her website, too!

Thanks Chaz!


by Chaz Hudson

I want to tell you about my hero!

Some hero’s wear discisers and capes

Some fly or drive super cars

But my super hero

Wears yellow hoodies and baseball caps

And rides around on his motorbike

He’s not always been someone you can look up to though

That’s what makes this hero so special

He shows that people really can change if thier willing too

He’s happy changing the world

One person at a time

He even helped this Dislexic Poet

Believe that she could write poetry and rhym

I love this man so much from the bottom of my heart

I haven’t got the words to explain

I think he’s pretty awesome

Now i’ve met him my life won’t be the same

I’m happy to learn and to take his advice

Because i know he wants me to sucseed

I’m lucky to have this male role model in my life

He helps me with ideas i have

If he can ever do anything to help he will

You might already know who i’m talking about

But incase you don’t

Let’s give a round of applause to PHIL

Chaz Hudson