Born and raised in Cape Town, South Africa, Dan Mace is a twenty-first century director and filmmaker. With a sensitive style, graphic aesthetics and inspirational narratives, he tells stories that showcase the power of perception and challenge the way people interpret life.

Dan is a creative and visionary Film Director, Filmmaker and Youtuber. Over his 10-year career behind the camera, he has directed over 100 commercials, music videos, documentaries and short films spanning across four continents.

Dan strongly believes his strongest asset is his open mind and ability to think differently. He says:

As much as I am able to identify with the world as it is, it is my ability to see it the way I want it to be that helps me to stand out and craft narrative that has meaning to people. I am an altruist with an earnest desire to see the world changed for the better, and it’s this desire that I use to fuel and inspire my films.

We love Dan, and wanted to share his latest film with you. In it he talks open and honestly (with some pretty fresh language!) about his anxiety – his message is fresh, bold and poignant. The poem featured in this short film is below, along with links to his Social Media and website. Go Dan!




This world isn’t easy, but at least I have anxiety.

A diagnosed reason that makes it ok to be crazy

Bullied daily by my catastrophic reflection

‘NO’ doesn’t hurt when you’ve already planned for rejection


You are exposed, but you don’t expose yourself

Meaningless engagements to gather dust on some digital shelf

I have no reason to hide behind a glass wall lit by a thousand pixels

My fear extends further than the need to be heard through the sacrifice more brain cells


This world can be a dark place, but at least I’m anxious

I’m constantly searching for reasons to add color to lifes’ rayless canvas

Out of sight out of mind doesn’t exist for me

My visions are vivid enough for it all to become a believable reality


Isn’t that brilliant.

A mental condition seen as so negatively resilient.

See depression, bpd, ocd, adhd, anxiety could be looked at differently

By the ‘sufferers’ that is. You just need to see that your difference is empathy.


Being so connected to my feelings is scary as shit

but I wear them like scars on my skin so that ill never be considered a counterfeit

If you like me, I see you. I feel you. Transparent as glass.

Be brave, stand tall and know that the bad times will pass

You are unique and remarkable.

Harness that shit and you’ll truly become unstoppable.


Dan Mace

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