It attacks like a forked lightning strike, attacking the outer skin of the human body to start with, major blood boiling sweats like a stick catching the fire.

Then the breathing, trying to grasp the air around, panic mode sets in deep at the back of the throat, tubes feeling squashed like kids jumping the trampoline.

Trying to hide the fact that the heart is at racing stage, feeling like it’s jumping out of the inner self, the inner core rocked like a rocky waterfall.

Itchy arms and hands like a pile of ants, using the skin as their playground, exploding red patches, lighting up a pathway on the skin, bumps forming like molehills scattered around the green grasses.

Temper rages up, as the breath quickens it’s pace, fog descends amongst you, like a shield wrapped around the mind, trapping any logic of techniques to deal with this on a merry go round of thoughts.

The embarrassment sets in deeper than the diving pool at the deep end, wanting the ground to give way and swallow the breathless state of me, whilst a twirl of lightning forms a halo above the head.

Keeping calm in moments of panic is like riding a 3 wheeled skateboard along a potholed pathway, if only, they were clouds of candy floss, to fall into throughout the bumpy ride you get, when panic attacks you from within.



Michelle Graham