The eagle-eyed among you may notice that things look a little different around here.

You may also be one of those people that’s been wondering where we’ve been – and what we’ve been up to! It’s a fair question.

In the interests of transparency – and to keep everyone in the loop, here’s a short editorial update to put you out of your misery.

Oh, and if you’re new – welcome – there’s some information in here that might just help you get a little more from the site. Promise!

So, where have we been?

We haven’t really been anywhere, to be honest. But we’re definitely back, if that makes sense? Truth is, we’re all volunteers here and sometimes life gets in the way. After an amazing first year of R3C0VRY.WRX, I guess we just ran out of steam.

So we took some time off to focus on other things for a while and give the batteries a good old recharge.

What have we been up to?

As practitioners in Drug &Alcohol services, it’d be fair to say we’ve been re-committing to the care and support we provide our clients on a daily basis.


We’ve also been re-evaluating what R3C0VRY.WRX is, what it does and how best to let it grow in the future. We’ve watched the phenomena of the Sober Influencers on Instagram as they sell their souls for a sponsorship deal, and seen more clearly than ever that what we stand for has never been so precise, unclouded and necessary.

So we’re back to keep doing what we do best. To maintain a website about recovery, for people in recovery, by people in recovery. Simples.

A new website. Same but very different.

You may have noticed things look a little different around here. Well spotted. We’ve given the website a complete redesign. It’s fresher, faster loading and more enjoyable to browse. At least we think it is.

We’re by no means technical geniuses, but we’re pretty happy with the way it’s worked out and hope you think so too.

To that end, we think you’ll like that:

  • Everything’s on one page now.
    The home page is much more “magazine-like” than it was before. And we’re using AJAX to load the content which reduces loading times and means all your favourite articles are pushed to you without you having to wait or go looking. Check us out!
  • We can feature & highlight content much more.
    We’ve set the site up to have lots of special sections so we can highlight new stuff, featured authors, content themes, events and editorial. We think it makes the site more approachable – and it looks pretty darn cool too.
  • You can now search by author.
    Did you know that we have over 60 authors’ work on R3C0VRY.WRX? Now you can search for anything by your favourite from anywhere in the site to see what else they’ve done. It’s just a small thing, but we think it’s massive!
  • We’re now even more mobile friendly.
    The theme developers have put tonnes of work in to make sure whatever device you’re reading R3C0VRY.WRX on, chances are it’ll work well and look the dogs. So yeah… get mobile. Bring it on!
  • Oh, we updated the logo
    Just a small detail. To ring the changes, and by way of a nod to our shiny new site, we polished up our logo some. Gone is the industrial grunge, in with the smarter “I used to be a graphic designer” look. Cue applause. You’re welcome.

You’ll start to see the new brand pop up across all of our platforms as we roll it out. But be warned, we can be a bit fickle and reserve the right to change the colours if we want, you know, depending on the weather.

So, what else is going on/coming up?

We’ve been pretty focussed on getting this website up to speed and full of old and new content. No mean feat, let me tell you.

But never wanting to rest for too long on our laurels, we have our fingers in a number of pies that should keep us in the recovery limelight over the next few months at least.

To chart the journey ahead

David is staying as Editor, he tried to run away but failed. He is joined by Helen as Executive Editor, and Poppy as our Social Media Magic Maker. Ongoing Marketing support (and proof reading, of course) stays with Mark and we welcome extra help on that front from Graham.

We here. We ready to rock!

Recovery Poetry Festival 2019

This is cool. R3C0VRY.WRX will be organising, running and hosting the very first International Recovery Poetry Competition. Entries will be sought from anyone, anywhere in recovery, with prizes, exposure and hopefully a gala presentation evening. Something to get your pens out for.

Online Recovery Community

We might not be the first to try this… but we know that many of you are sick and tired of Facebook. We’re working on creating a safe place to grow the recovery community online that doesn’t involve having your data sold or being targeted by advertising. We’re calling it The Tribe. And it’s coming soon.

R3C0VRY.WRX Merchandise

To date, we have one R3C0VRY.WRX T Shirt out there in the world. People seem to like it so we’re like “OK, let’s see if anyone else wants one”. T Shirts, Hoodies, Totes and what have you are being designed as a standalone brand. You’ll want one. Yes you will.