A Poem About 5 Ways

Here is a poem about this place,
Where we come to recover without being a disgrace,
Always a welcome with a warm friendly face,
For many of us it is a big saving grace.

First take notice of life’s beautiful things,
And what each has to offer, what everyone brings,
Knowledge rich staff, all queens, and kings,
In the background, hear Ben’s tone as he softly sings.

Connect with each other in Various ways,
Like we identify in what someone else says,
Abstinence is the foundation do not make it a faze,
Everyone deserves recovery, so give yourself praise.

Give before receiving, it will always come back,
It is the law of attraction that keeps things on track,
Be polite, show respect, people will be taken back,
Stay focused in recovery, keep picking up the slack.

Be active in your journey, not reactive instead,
Do not act out on triggers and get off your head,
As we all know where that negatively led.
Never stress with boredom is what Mike and Matt said.

Every day is a school day, we never stop learning,
Prevent that candle of recovery light, ever stop burning,
Come talk at 5 Ways, stop that stomach from churning,
Get the gifts of recovery that we never stop learning.

Neil Evers

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