What comes of all the many offences

Not thinking of the consequences or the impact of how things had concluded

Irrational ideas, I was really deluded

Gosh!! some of the stories I had concocted

Just to raise cash for this life I’ve opted

I would say anything & so much more

Just to raise the dough to score

My own nemesis an autonomous wreck

I’d hit my rock bottom I was on the deck

When into my life came the fellowship of NA

Promising abstinence just for today

With their message I was feeling really inspired

I was given the tools not to act on desires

So when my addict voice came and picked at my head

I sent it away, went to a meeting instead

Taught me of of their 12 step program

Told me the war was over and recovery could begin

They didn’t disrespect between cast, creed or gender

All that they asked for was for you to surrender